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Set out over a 6-acre site, Adrenaline Alley is the largest action sports venue in Europe with over 120,000 sq. ft. of skatepark areas. The size has allowed us to create numerous different zones to play to all styles and abilities of each sport. We also host a large fully kitted photography studio and an authentic 2-floor American-style Diner.

Our signature park areas include the endless lines of 'THE RHYTHM' in Building 1, the colossal 'CANYON' bowl in Building 2, and the mammoth box jumps in 'THE WAIRHOUSE'. We also have Europe's widest selection of resi ramps and foam pits so there is no better place to progress your skills and learn new tricks. 


Where it all begins! Designed to encourage beginners to take their first steps, this area also accommodates well for disabled participants (including those in wheelchairs) and is popular amongst tech skaters of all abilities. With quarter pipes ranging from 1-4ft, a mellow bank/driveway, a manual pad and a selection of low ledges and rails, nowhere could be better suited to learn to drop-in or roll away from your first grind. ‘THE ACADEMY’ also features a fun 3-4ft spine/volcano mini.




Thanks to funding from Power To Change and an incredible design by Four-One-Four, our indoor plaza, ‘THE ARCADE’, was born. This course brings authentic street indoors and surrounds it with transition to open up infinite lines and materialise a dream for any street rider/skater. An array of steps, rails, ledges and banks of all shapes and sizes guarantee a progressive session every time. Every detail has been considered to create a true street experience from incorporating real concrete curb stones to brick-textured banks.




Ranging from 5-10ft in height, this giant bowl is the perfect match for any transition fan. It’s never-ending coping allows for the longest grinds and 7ft sections are ideal to juice big airs. ‘THE BATHTUB’ keeps things interesting with a great hip and an over-vert pocket for surfer-style carves or even a lip trick if you’re pushing the limits!




One of the latest additions to Building 1, ‘THE LEDGE’ is a further beginner area following the popularity of ‘THE ACADAMY’. Tucked away in a quiet corner of the building, this is an ideal place for younger riders/skaters to build their confidence. With mellow ramps and a collection of smaller ledges and rails, this spot is great for a novice or anyone looking to get tech. It’s even got a classic pier 7 manual pad and a laid-back vert wall to get to grips with kick-turns. To keep it relaxed for the younger ones this area is under 12s only during busy periods.




Launched in summer 2020, this unique set-up has infinite lines to let your creativity flow. Incorporating all the popular ramps identified in our 2019 customer consultation, ‘THE RHYTHM’ includes a multitude of box jumps, hips, step-ups, corners, rollers, wallrides and more. There’s also a 5ft resi for you to take the next step with your latest tricks from the adjacent and newly refurbished ‘B1 FOAM PIT’. This area suits all abilities. Whether you’re a die-hard park rider/skater or a trails ripper looking for those off-season indoor laps, you’re guaranteed to have a blast!




A 5ft launch ramp makes this the baby brother of our bigger foam pit in Building 2. Recently rebuilt to include ply surfacing from rolling-in to taking-off, it’s still great for bikes and now better suited to the smaller wheels of skateboards, scooters and inlines. The ‘B1 FOAM PIT’ is ideal for getting your tricks on lock before sending them to resi and wood.




Recently relocated and resurfaced, the 'MIDI' is back! With the perfect transition, this classic ramp has always been popular for all sports and its resi extension makes it a stomping ground for new-learns.




With some of Europe’s largest ramps, this advanced area provides the chance to aspire, train and progress on a course comparative to those at international events. Built on two separate levels, ‘THE WAIRHOUSE’ sets you up with the necessary speed for two colossal jump boxes, a huge step-up and a replica of the classic FISE stepdown spine. The towering 17ft steep transitioned bank at the back catches you perfectly from its protruding 9ft quarter. One of the world’s largest indoor resi jump boxes is also thrown into the mix, giving the extra airtime to push the boundaries with the safety of a softer landing.


Every foam and resi combination in one space! More ‘new-learns’ and ‘worlds-firsts’ have gone down here than anywhere else in the facility. Bomb down a giant bank into a perfect 6ft resi box on the left, a resi spine on the right or an enormous foam pit in the middle. Two quarters are also incorporated to learn tricks in regular and opposite airs (or frontside and backside) to either foam or resi.



A monstrous bowl with such a staggering number of lines that every session is different. It’s a bucket list spot for riders worldwide and can literally be described as a vast stormy sea of plywood. Four-One-Four have taken every variation of transitioned ramp and seamlessly moulded them together to create this absolute work of art. Most popular amongst intermediate, advanced and pro riders, ‘THE CANYON’ is super fun, fast and exhilarating. So much truly incredible riding/skating has taken place here, especially during big events such as Scootfest, ASI, and the Backyard Jam.




With transition and street, this is a whole other skatepark in itself. ‘THE ARENA’ provides for all styles of all sports. A selection of roll-ins, quarters, wood/resi jump boxes, step-ups and a volcano on one side blend into a street section with banks, stairs, ledges and rails on the other. In comparison to the rest of the facility the size of the ramps is midway between our beginner and advanced areas, making the course great for all abilities. No matter what type of rider/skater you are, the variety assures you a good session on every occasion.


Sitting alongside ‘THE PLAZA’, our outdoor tarmac pump track includes a multi-option track for more experienced riders and a beginner track that’s perfect for younger riders and balance bikes. Get your pump on through the rollers and lean into carves on the berms to see how fast you can fire out a lap. Suitable for all ages/abilities on bikes, blades, boards and scooters. The pump track is open in line with our session times, weather permitting.


Designed and built by Concreate Skateparks, our outdoor concrete plaza (M) has everything in one place for a full-on street session minus the security guards and skate-stoppers. A wide assortment of flat rails, hand rails, banks, stair sets and ledges keep any street rider/skater shredding until their heart’s content. It also includes a unique circular manual pad and cement-edged planters. These are real street features so this is no imitation. Even surface details have been taken into account with the inclusion of a brick-textured bank and paving slabs on the top level. Whether you’re looking to roll down your first bank or get technical with a handrail, ‘THE PLAZA’ has something to offer for all sports/abilities. The accompanying exterior seating area is also a popular spot to relax and watch the action on sunny summer days.


Added to the facility in the Summer of 2022, our Airbag landing is the first of its kind to be publically accessible in the UK. It allows you to really push your limits with serious air time and reduced risk of injury. Measuring 3.5m high, 8m wide, and 18.75m long, it's a beast! 

The Airbag itself was manufactured by BAGJUMP ®, the world-leading brand you will recognise from Nitro Circus & R. Willy Land. BAGJUMP have developed impact-absorbing technologies that make their products unbeatable for both user experience & safety. LEARN MORE ABOUT WHY BAGJUMP?

There are 2 kicker Options, steeper & mellower. A safety platform between the top of the kickers & the back of the landing, means no ground-level gap to clear. The roll-in is tall, rolled over, and sheeted right up to the kickers, perfect for all wheels. The landing also features BAGJUMP's 'Practice Extension' - an additional 4 meters of inflatable flat for added safety before rolling out onto tarmac and into a quarter pipe.


THE AIRBAG opens from 1 pm until dark every day we are open for public sessions (weather permitting). All customers are required to attend a public session & follow these steps to use THE AIRBAG:

  1. CHECK IT'S OPEN. Open/closed signs are displayed in reception & there's a daily update from 11:30 am on our homepage.
  2. PURCHASE AN AIRBAG WRISTBAND - Available from 1 pm at reception for £2.50*.

*PLEASE NOTE: The small fee is to help the charity cover the extra staff & running costs associated with THE AIRBAG. This means no extra charge for those who chose not to ride/skate it. AIRBAG wristbands will be non-refundable & we cannot guarantee THE AIRBAG will remain open until dark as this will depend on weather conditions. 

IMPORTANT: Due to its size, THE AIRBAG is not suitable for beginner riders/skaters. Also, for BMX & Scooter participants, stunt pegs must be removed, & bar ends are compulsory.


Our new DROP-IN DINER is now open and serving an incredible selection of American style BURGERS, HOTDOGS, FRIES, SIDES, SHAKES & DESSERTS!

EAT IN or GRAB TO GO, this unique dining experience has the authentic feel of a real American diner and is a 'must' every time you visit. Whether you're grabbing something to keep your session fuelled, or looking for something delicious to enjoy while the kids are riding, we promise the DROP-IN DINER will not disappoint!

Check out the menu...





The DROP-IN DINER is open from 12:00 to 19:40 every day we are open for public sessions. This excludes Saturdays when the Diner opens at 11:00 am.  

Our specialty coffees and other snacks are also available from THE GRIND BAR in our reception for the duration of each session so there’s plenty on offer to keep you going during your visit. 

Our NEW DOWNLOADABLE or WEB-BASED DINER APP means no more queuing or waiting for your food to be prepared. You can now place an order while you're riding or spectating and come to collect it as soon as it's ready. How cool is that?! And of course, those collecting online orders are welcome to eat in or take away

Hit the links below to download NOW:




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